"One day, I received a vision of an app enabling people to literally encode their vision boards into the neuronal structure of their brains--within 120 days! It wasn't available, so I built it. I call it 'DreAMSM', the Dream Activation Module."

~ The author

What is DreAMSM?
DreAMSM is a theoretical, neuroactive app that juxtaposes your vision board* (VB) with synchronized, audiovisual sequences embodied in the Tzolkin's universal, cosmogenetic Code. As you mindfully view, and hear the Code's sequences, DreAMSM induces an highly sitmulating experience that may rightly be called "ultra-high learning" (UHL). DreAMSM's UHL stimulation prompts holistic synaptic generation, while simultaneously imprinting those synapses with the VB's images, and with all info relative to the persona, life, and lifestyle those images symbolize.

The Light of Actual Synapses Expressing a Thought

Here, watching the following video may help you to better understand whassup with


In a matter of 4 months, (effectively affecting a subconscious--conscious--superconscious mind bridge) DreAMSM holistically rewires your brain, comprehensively transforming it into a living, dynamic, [virtuality materializing] 3D Model of your life's collective Dream. Consequently, your neuronally-materialized Dream life may incessantly attract ideas, circumstances, relationships, and life experiences supporting, facilitating, and swiftly manifesting its external equivalents, (without undue stress, and drama), as surely as air comes for you to breathe, throughout each moment, everyday.


DreAMLog ~
Author's notes during initial 16-week beta test):

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* What is the Code?

Tzolkin is understood to be a Model of "all permutations of the One Giver of Movement [Time], and Measure [Space]". In other words, it is a universal Code propagating the emanation of Divine Virtues via electromagnetic radiation; especially via starlight.

our body is made of stardust, hence, your brain automatically recognizes, and responds to the Code, rewiring itself to optimally embody the Code-transmitted Virtues, and vitality. Therefore, (and, this is what makes this product so unique, and special),
DreAMSM  directly applies cosmological patterns embodying, and transmitting Holiness, and Divine Virtues, [irrespective of any given religious tradition], to rewire your brain, so it swiftly, and dynamically aligns with, attracts, and expresses the content of the life symbolized by your vision board!


                                                                    The Cost of a DreAMSM                                              

Presently, DreAM is produced by special order, only.
The user builds her, or his own vision board, (according to our 
specifications), and we assemble, and deliver the final module.

(Parameters for vision board development are provided upon request.)

Unit Cost:      $500
Labor** Cost:
Total Cost:  

For more information on how to acquire YOUR DreAMSM, contact HyperAxon.

* Vision Board: A collection of images, moving or still, representing your goals, and dreams, as though they are fulfilled.

** The assembly of the final module is a labor intensive process. Until we have secured the resources required to provide
DreAMSM as a cloud-based service, the labor costs cannot be avoided. Effectively, the labor cost may be regarded as very generously low.


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